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takehito, ayabie

Just stuff

My hair straightener $80 Solia hair straightener broke. I have no idea how this unemployed girl is going to get the money to get a new one. I do commission on Deviantart( $5 for a set of chibis) and i make plushies but no one commissions me(LOL) and i ran out of black felt which means i can't make any plushies until next monday. On the more random side of things, i bought canned cheese. It was delicious. It was the first time i had it and it was like an orgy in my mouth.

Now college....i now have to write an essay...i SUCK at essays so badly but i need to do a good job because i need to get into this college. I already took a year off so i don't want to waste any more time. I am praying to God that i get accepted and get lots of financial aid because im an out of state student and tution would be about 12000 for me versus an instate student who's paying about 40000.

Im a bit bored at home! I've been playing Mass Effect but i feel like drawing. Problem is, i don't know what to draw. Artist blocks completely rape my mind. I've been thinking of drawing my version of a hot guy cafe but im such a procrastinator! Everyday at six, me and my sisters are trying to learn the dance to SHINee's Ring Ding Dong. Its really fun but it truly make me realize i have no rhythm. I know Micky, you are disappointed in me but i can't help it. This song is just so damn catchy. I checked my itunes and between my and my two sister, we have listened to this song 225 times. Im not sure if that's sad or funny. I should try to write in my LJ more often.

takehito, ayabie


I was tagged by Baratsubomi to write 10 random facts about me.

1. I have music phases where i obsess over a band for a certain amount of time. Right now its a Korean group called SHINee.
2. I hate moving. I can swear that i am the laziest person you will ever know.
3.I love to dress nice but too fat to look good in it.
4. I'm sure you can tell by the above comment that i have no self-esteem whats so ever.
5. My family thinks im weird because the majority of music i listen to is japanese.
6. I like asian guys and although they will never look in the direction of a spanish girl, i want to marry a hot/cute/pretty Japanese or Korean guy.
7. I have the tendancy to be a hopeless romantic.
8. I have a shopaholic obessesion over band posters, phone charms and shirts.
9. I'm mexican. Bet you didn't see that coming :D
10. I love playing with makeup and putting on someone's makeup.

I tag whoever wants to do this!
takehito, ayabie

Dir En Grey @ Kinokuniya 11/10 and Gramercy 11/11

I have never experienced something as breath-taking and as beautiful and as AMAZING as Dir En Grey live.

Since i live in PA, i had to stay the week at my grandparents in NYC to be able to go the Diru concert on Wed.(11/11. It all started last thurs.(11/5 but it really started when i we decided to go see Diru) when i saw this raffle contest thing online to meet Dir En Grey at Kinokuniya. It looked so suspicious but since they didn't ask for personal info i entered it. I told =xProtege-Moi about it and she did too. Winners were to be announced on Sun.(11/8) and me and micky(=xProtege-Moi) didn't get an email and were kind of sad.

So i got up the next moring around 10 and i got an email from the divareview and i shat bricks. I could not believe i had just won so i called up micky and i felt bad because she was still sleeping. It turns out she won too and i thought that was so freakin lucky because i don't think i could go alone. So she came over around 4 to my grandpa's house to drop of her stuff because she was staying with us those two days. We then ran to take transportation to get to Kinokuniya.

We got there like at 4:30 and doors don't open till 7 for the meet and greet so we meandered around for three hours and i bought Marrow of the bone because you need something from Kinokuniya if you wanted it autographed. We got there early enough to see the setup up of the area where they were going to sit XD. around 6 i believe, the staff stared to announce that the people who came to see Diru had to form a line outside and i ran to make sure me and micky were first. We waited and met some nice people. Luckily the nicer side of the Dir En Grey fandom. People kept asking us since we were first in line what we were waiting for and since they didn't seem to know who Diru was, we just kept saying stuff like Miley Cyrus or the opening of a yogurt factory and the Jonas Brothers.

After a while , they sent out a guy to keep an eye on the line and i asked him if i needed picture I.D. because i don't have one(if you were a sweepstakes winner you were put on the guest list and needed an i.d to confirm). I have my permit and my credit card but he said i need a picture which my permit does not have becaue PA give you a piece of paper which is complete crap. Me and Micky were so effing worried that i would not get in and i almost shat my pants like 100000 times. Then they said it was ok so i aged like 40 years for no reason. The guy gave me hug, lol. I don't even know him but im not sure if he was happy for me or just wanted a hug from me. It could have been both but didn't care at the moment.

We were let in and we were so excited. Me and Micky got to sit at the very front. We waited awhile but when Diru came in i tried to not to throw up with excitement. Unfortunatly, Kyo couldn't make it but 4 out of 5 isn't bad. During the interview, Die swatted a fly i couldn't even see so it just looked like he he was just swaying my hand around. Toshiya was shy so didn't speak much but he was so adorable. Shinya was so cute too. He kept miling and giggling before and while speaking. Kaoru was just nonchalant and cool. By the way, Kaoru is sooooo tiny. Afterwards, we had to stand in line for an autograph and when we got there, i didn't even know what to say because 1. i ws nervous as hell and 2. i can't speak japanese. All i said was thank you so much. After we left, me and Micky were like i can'y believe we just met them.

The next day, we had like forever to kill so we hung out St. marks place and stayed in Hot Guy's Cafe(Zaiya Cafe but i call it that because all the guys working there were Japanese and HOT) Then we left for the theatre and got to the line at 5(The line went around TWO street corners). We decided it was a good idea to not bring coats but it was sooooo cold out. Me and Micky were apparently called insane for not wearing anything but tshirts. There were these guys behind us and they were pretty funny. Just listening to them talk was a good way to pass 2 hours. After we got inside, we bought our merch(i got Uroboros and two shirts. You needed to get a dvd or a cd to go to the meet and greet here too) We went upstairs and waited fir Diru to come out. There was an opening called Goes Cube i believe and they were pretty good.

Then Diru came out. When they started to play i was just blown away on how amazing they were. The live clips are NOTHING compared to being there and experiencing it first hand. Kaoru seemed so calm but powerful with his guitar, although he stayed in his corner of the stage. Toshiya had more energy for the fans. He ran back and forth on stage and came out closer to the fans below carrying his bass above his head and staring out ito the crowd. Die was pretty similar. What amazed me though was his hair. It just blew in the non-existent wind all model like. But he was amazing as well. I think he was flirting with the fans. Shinya was just pounding away on his drums and Kyo....There are no words to express the talent he has in delivering his performance. His vocals were just stunning and so beautiful and it really felt like he was singing just for us that night. The encore was the best. I cried during THE FINAL and sang my heart out since it was the only song i knew the entire words to.

At the siging, i was getting so nervous. My hair looked like sh*t and didn't even realize it until i looked in the mirror which was AFTER i met them XD. I was trying to communicate with Die asking if he remembered us sisnce we sat in front. Unfortuntly, i kept saying Asahiya and Die looked so confused. He was "ahhh" When Micky finally corrected me and said Kinokuniya. I just kept sayign thanking you with a big retard smile in my face and Toshiya actually said thank you to me and hi and i was just so happy because he was so adorable. I do believe he was the most friendly Dir comes second. After we came out, Micky started to cry and i felt so awkward XD

And that ladies and gentlemen was the two greatest nights of my life. Nothing can ever compare. Not even the birth of my first child. When i get pregnant and that baby is born, i will yell in its face "Not even you can compare to the excitement i went through in those two night that i will get out of you in the years to come of you"
takehito, ayabie

Ayabie needs to come back

I can't believe its been a year since Ayabie came to the U.S. I went to the one in NY and it was amazing! i hope they come back soon and not just go to California >_> Other needs bands need to come too and seriously need to stop ignoring the east